Mark Houlding - Small Apple

Mark Houlding - Small Apple

Mark Houlding

Small Apple

10 in  X 10 in

Ltd Edition (20) Digital Art Work Printed on paper mounted behind Acrylic Glass

Inks are guaranteed for 75 years

Mark Houlding Trained in Fine Art and Maidstone College (1970 – 73) and Printmaking at The Royal College of Art (1973 – 76).

Mark has work in private and public collections across the world. His work is an exploration of colour, composition and form. The subject of fruit continues to provide the simple, sensual form as a vehicle to explore shape, colour and dynamic composition.

The original fruit forms were developed using a printmaking roller and oil based printing ink, this was then developed into a more fluid process using spirit based wood stains. This involved pouring, dripping and ‘squirting’ pigment onto prepared surfaces allowing colours to flow and merge resulting in amazing freedom and luminosity.

His latest work is made ‘by hand’ using digital technology. The images are unique. Printed on photographic paper laminated behind acrylic glass the inks are guaranteed for 75 years.

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